"Je n`évolue pas, je suis... "

[Pablo Picasso ]

Lise Larqué, painter & artist

A young self-taught artist with a positive vibe, Lise Larqué turned to painting during her adolescence and found the means of expression and way of sharing that her internal balance and external strength require…

Now her aim is to implement a new artistic concept designed to evolve over time.

In the meantime, she invites you to discover her paintings which constantly change depending on her emotions, feelings, and state of mind.

Moving in such a way, from figurative art to abstract painting, her works, which are otherwise harmonious, stand out for their originality. The combination of different types of paints (acrylic and oil) and various materials (sands, small accessories, etc.) bring to each of her paintings a bit of this imaginativeness, a touch of folly but also a certain balance, which is unique to her.

Lise allows us to catch a glimpse of her utopian world through her art, a place where words are often superfluous. She invites us on a journey rich in vibration, imagination and emotion…

Every painting tells a story

The Game

I would be delighted for you to discover my painting through this website; your critical eye on my work will be yet another source of inspiration. Therefore, I will leave you free to express your thoughts and will carefully read your reactions.

In order to thank you, I will carefully select the most meaningful comment using a voting system. The person who has left the best comment will see his critique as the main description for the painting concerned for a 2-month period and will also benefit from a 20% discount on an item of his choice.

How can I participate? Go to the “Painting” section and by clicking on each one, you will find a space where you can express your ideas and even start a poetic description…
Head to your keyboards, my friends…

Immediate take-off for “Lise is Life”, flight 7211!! Express yourself!! It’s up to you!